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“Becoming an Author requires discipline. Touching others with your pen requires creativity. And building a name requires devotion.”

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After college, Cassandra found a job as a personal assistant to one of the wealthiest family in the country. It was a dream come true for her because she came from a poor background. She was happy working for Jeremiah Morris and found a haven living in the Morris Estate as their worker but soon the black sheep of the house, William Morris came back home with his fiancee, Juliana Antman after five years away from his family. Immediately they meet, she was attracted to him but he hates her instantly and didn’t pretend about it. Also, as soon as she saw Juliana, William’s fiancee she senses something dark in her so she does her best to avoid the two of them whenever possible, but fate has something else in store for her. When Cassandra and William got stuck on the family island after the departure of the Morris family,  it made them to stick together and she ended up in William’s bed. A night of passion and desire in each other’s arm and also the night she discovered her true identity, and the truth was too much for her to digest. As soon as they rescued them from the island the next day, Cassandra took to the road and didn’t look back. She is on the run from something she didn’t understand. 

Until the age of seventeen, she was just an ordinary city girl that never knew magic exist until that fateful night. The night she discovered she is a princess with a superpower that was hidden and kept secret from her by the only family she had; the woman she thought was her mother. It was after her disappearance that William Morris discovered something that changed his life forever. Is it too late for him to……. Read More

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