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Raedaz commit to authors and creators who are creating books, bringing out their creativity and vivid imagination. On Raedaz, authors creates non-fiction, dark Fiction, supernatural stories, Inspirational Books and other genre. The platform is for creative writers and ardent readers; they get to write books and earn with their creativity, while, readers read amazing books free and at an affordable rate. Premium members are eligible for Raedaz Club Benefit.

What you don’t know leads to unproductivity. Raedaz expose you to some creativity and books that can be beneficiary to improving your career, becoming a successful entrepreneur and helps your daily living. Bringing to your doorstep inspirational books, career tips, business tips, books- romantic, supernatural and fictions novels, daily motivational tips and more.

Raedaz Club

To encourage new authors to find the courage and will to define their purpose. It is a medium to inspire young authors and individuals willing to start their writing career. We are going to bring to you full behind-the-scenes access, interviews young authors, showcase amazing tips to become a successful author, showcase guest posts, weekly motivation and engage authors in competitions.

This is our way of keeping our Authors/Writers and Readers together while they earn from their creativity. Patrons receive a weekly (every Tuesday) practical challenge / prompt to help you improve your creativity, craft, imagination, or output. We believe that everyone is talented and be productive with a little push. Raedaz is a community to help young author/writers grow while they develop their crafts and creativity.

If you are a writer or reader, this is your chance to join us build a community of young writers and earn with your input. Patrons are also encouraged to join weekly competition and earn the Raedaz Weekly Prize. Join to become one of Raedaz Author or Reader and earn Raedaz Author Weekly Prize or Raedaz Readers Weekly Prize.
For membership and participation on our official website, join www.raedaz.com.

The Raedaz club gives you access to:
1. Get all the features in the Basic Tier and All Access Tier Plus;
2. Get access to all our motivational books, materials, health tips, career tips, novels.
3. Get a one-on-one mentorship (Once a week). 
4. Get an Exclusive Interview to be featured on our website.
5. Become an author and inspires others with your creativity on Raedaz.
6. Share your thought and one of our writers guide you to create your own book.
7. Additionally, you get featured on our social media pages and other promotional medium.

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