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Get paid to write on Raedaz. Writers earn a minimum fee of $50 but they can earn as high as $500 or more than, on Raedaz. We are seeking professional and non-professional writers to join our writers on a contract basis. We offer competitive rates for all levels of professional writing and other types of contents, ranging from short articles to a full book.
We ensure that we will not share all personal information including phone number or email with any third party. We respect the privacy of our writers at all times and It dedicate us to ensuring the same of our clients.
To apply to become a writer on Raedaz, kindly read the terms of contract before filling out the application form. Please remember to attach your resume or cover letter, and a minimum of 2 samples of your past professional or non-professional work.


  • Adaptability. Writers need to adapt to newer software platforms and programs, including various content management systems (CMS).
  • Creativity. Writers must be able to develop new and interesting plots, characters, or ideas so they can come up with new stories.
  • Critical-thinking skills. Writers must have dual expertise in thinking through or understanding new concepts and conveying it through writing.
  • Determination. Writers sometimes work on projects that take years to complete. They must show perseverance and personal drive to meet deadlines.
  • Persuasion. Writers must be able to persuade others to feel a certain way about a good or service.
  • Social perceptiveness. Writers must understand how readers react to certain ideas in order to connect with their audience.
  • Writing skills. Writers must be able to write clearly and effectively in order to convey feeling and emotion and communicate with readers.


We will contact only selected applicants that we approve their application. If we do not approve your application the first time, you can reapply.

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