Freelance Writers on RAEDAZ

WE have set out below a description of the services that RAEDAZ, will provide to you, WRITERS, together with our agreed-upon fees. WE will provide the following services:

  • High-level editing and proofreading of website copy using Microsoft Word’s “track changes (for premium writers only).”
  • Final delivery in Word .doc format with “track changes” feature turned on.
  • Style choices and issues will be determined based upon the AP Style Guide.
  • WRITER‘s tone and style will be retained.
  • WE will access and either approve or return documents within 48- 72 hours (business days only).
  • WE will add graphic to WRITER‘s contents to make it more explanatory for our readers. So writers need not send graphics with their content EXCEPT novel writers, who need to send their book’s cover page.
  • Five Word documents with “track changes” feature turned on.
  • All notes and research used for this project, via a summarized Word document.
  • A clean Word and PDF copy of all documents with changes accepted.

Writer agrees to write WEB CONTENT or BOOK for our ardent readers, the length of which is decided below and mutually agreed upon via email of the signed contract for each specific submission. Writer guarantees us with a well-edited content and a content originally owned by them (NO COPYRIGHT).

Writer assures RAEDAZ that any work submitted is of a commercially reasonable and acceptable quality in accordance with the stylistic guidelines provided by RAEDAZ; is factually sound; and is of comparable quality to published content available on RAEDAZ’s website.

RAEDAZ will provide any relevant information to Writer to help facilitate the accuracy and content of each assignment and WE, or our affiliates are responsible for the hosting and publishing of each finished piece of work.


Writer agrees to:

  • Submit a signed copy of this initial agreement and await approval before beginning content production on any of the specific work.
  • Write content for topics that would fascinate and interest our readers, contents such as lists, research, biography, book, cookbook and more, provided by or accepted by RAEDAZ editor, ranging in length as required by RAEDZ and agreed upon via emailed contract by both parties
  • Accurately perform research (when applicable)
  • Write in a style and tone similar to content published already by RAEDAZ; and/or to write in accordance with our instructions and/or style guide (or equivalent)
  • Perform one in-depth revision before submission of a content
  • Write, edit, and share documents through Google Drive/Docs
  • Submit article to us by deadlines agreed upon via email per assignment or otherwise stated upon missing the deadline.
  • Maintain and protect the confidentiality and intellectual property of any proprietary information provided to Writer from RAEDAZ or its subsidiaries, partners, etc., and to only use any such information within the terms permitted by RAEDAZ.
  • Writers to provide manuscript via Microsoft Word only.
  • Editor to cross-check and approves the manuscript via Word within 72 hours or more (depending on the volume of manuscript available for approval).
  • Editor to provide written approval to prepare invoice with completed manuscript.
  • Writers would receive pay by PayPal or bank transfer within thirty days for said work.
  • $25 per 2,000 words (articles only)
  • $200 per 30,000- 35,000 words (Books- Novels, Business, Motivational, Cookbook and other related books)
  • 10% MONTHLY ROYALTY payment on books.
  • For verified writers: A fee of $100, required for the premium services allowing writer to earn:
    • $50 per 1,500- 2,000 words (articles only)
    • $400 per 30,000-words (Books- Novels, Business, Motivational, Cookbook and other related books)
    • 30% MONTHLY ROYALTY payment on book.
  • WE would make payment writer through Paypal or bank transfer to the PayPal or bank account details stipulated by writer.
  • Payments will be due thirty days after the manuscript is approved by RAEDAZ editor.
  • Any new manuscript submitted after the previous submission will undergo the same process before payment. So writers can submit over one or two books in a month.
  • WE encourage no outstanding payment on RAEDAZ; we make all payments at scheduled dates. Invoices will be due 30 days after receipt. (30 days after editor’s approval of manuscript).

This contract will be in effect immediately upon signing and remain in effect for TWO YEARS before ended or reviewed by either party


Writer hereby understands and agrees that all Content submitted to, and published by, RAEDAZ under this Agreement shall be considered works for hire, and further, to the extent any intellectual property right does not pass pursuant to a work for hire, Writer hereby assigns to RAEDAZ all rights to publish the Content, and all previously submitted articles of Writer, in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which it can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device, including without limitation the rights to archive, republish, edit, repackage, or revise any Article or Book in any manner as RAEDAZ sees fit. The rights conferred upon RAEDAZ by this agreement shall be exclusive to RAEDAZ for a period of, TWO (2) YEARS after the first date RAEDAZ initially publishes the content.


Upon receipt and acceptance of work submitted to RAEDAZ by Writer, RAEDAZ relinquishes Writer of any and all liabilities, damages, claims, costs, expenses, or losses associated with RAEDAZ’s defense. Writer provides the work as-is and RAEDAZ’s acceptance of such work constitutes transfer of associated liabilities, etc. with the work. Writer guarantees that the work is originally written by them, a new content, not previously submitted on any platform or in any bookshop offline or online, the work isn’t a copyright and it is written with the best of intentions, is free of plagiarism, is as accurate as reasonably possible, and includes no slander or libel. RAEDAZ’s acceptance of submitted work represents RAEDAZ’s agreement that the work is legally suitable for publishing and distribution. Writer is not responsible for any changes or edits made to the piece after work is submitted and accepted by RAEDAZ and does not share or submit such work after signing this agreement with RAEDAZ, except the introductory of an article or the first four (4) pages of a book to promote on other platforms or social media pages and share the link that directs readers to their work on RAEDAZ platform.


The laws of the jurisdiction of Writer’s primary business location shall govern this contract and any dispute arising hereunder (the “Writer’s Jurisdiction”), without regard to the conflicts of law provisions thereof. For all purposes of this contract, both parties consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts located in the Writer’s Jurisdiction [STATE].

The failure of either party to enforce its rights under this contract at any time for any period shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights.

If you agree that the foregoing fairly sets out your understanding of our mutual responsibilities, the writer can proceed to apply for writer position on our platform. Afterwards, this contract shall be sent to you for you to initial (your signature) a copy of this first agreement in the space stated below via typing, fill in the requested address information and email it back to us. This agreement doesn’t cover the WRITER FULL CONTRACT, RAEDAZ will email the WRITER FULL CONTRACT that confirms writer relationship with RAEDAZ to WRITER upon manuscript approval by RAEDAZ editor.

I enter this Agreement, on this ______ day of _________________________, 202__.

Writer: [WRITER]